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JavaScript resources – New in October

Grab the latest JavaScript resources and implement the same in your web applications.

jQuery One page scroll like apple

If you want to create a one page scrollable product display like apple then you can use this simple and lightweight JavaScript library.


  • Simple HTML Markup to start with.
  • Smooth scrolling.
  • Requires jQuery.
  • Compatible with most modern browsers.
  • Detects mouse wheel and swipe gestures.
  • Works in tablet and mobile browsers.
  • CSS3 Transfrom for animation.


View demoDownload source

jQuery Simple Text Rotator

Adding text rotator to your website with different variations of rotations is simple by using this jQuery super simple text rotator.


  • Simple HTML markup to start with.
  • Requires jQuery.
  • Supported in most browsers.


View demoDownload source


If you want to showcase the numbers such as number of downloads, online users etc in a animated fashion then odometer developed by hubspot is a good javascript and css resource.


  • Smooth Animations using CSS3 transforms.
  • Supporst IE8+, FF4+, Safari 6+, and Chrome.
  • Comes with multiple themes.
  • No dependencies.


View demoDownload source

Scrolld.js dynamic page scrolling

Navigating a single page with different easing effects can be achieved using scrolld js.


  • Designed for responsive
  • Requires jQuery
  • Supports most of the modern browsers
  • Lots of Easing Scrolling effects

Scrolld javascript

View demoDownload source

Forms in Grid View

If you have a lots of form elements then grid.js helps you make forms on grid easily


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Built using SASS

Grid Forms
View demoDownload source

jQuery Custom modal box

if you want your modal box to popup with different animation effects then custombox jQuery plugin is very useful.


  • Supports most modern browsers.
  • Requires jQuery
  • 10 plus animation effects

jQuery Custombox

View demoDownload source

JavaScript Slider using Glide.js

Another responsive JavaScript slider.


  • Responsive
  • Supports touch and swipe events
  • Keyboard navigation
  • CSS3 transitions


View demoDownload source

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